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First Poster design

April 27, 2007

We have a first poster possibility.



Production Update: April 27

April 27, 2007

Two weeks ago we screened the entire picture in a loose previs assembly for the investors and producers.  The show is running at 62 minutes and needs to be cut down by 17 minutes.  Which seems like a lot but a tighter edit will get us there.  There’s a lot of fat in this assembly.  We have a few scenes that need to be rewritten because they don’t play out as well as we expected, or they can be cut down to help us shorten the length. The animation team is finally animating, and the heavy work begins.

The soundtrack is 80% recorded.  We still have to record Terakh, Gavriel and Mardon.  All the rest are complete.

Stargazer, a character progression from sketch to finish

April 27, 2007

This post will show the evolution of a character from it’s birth as a sketch to it’s completion a finished model on a lit set.

Stargazer was originally the design we now have for Utz. Pascal Colpron made a series of sketches of miscellaneous background characters and I feel in love with this circled sketch who became Stargazer.


Pascal elaborated on the sketch until we arrived at the approved design. He then scaled it and made a proportional guide for the modeler for this.


Our spectacular colorist and matte painter, Grigor Kuzmanov, created a color pallete for the costume.


Pascal then took the costume concept sketch and defined it in greater detail for the texture artists.


Once the mesh is modeled in 3D, and approved, the mesh goes to the texture artists who put the details on the model.


Finally the model is placed in a set and lit alongside other characters.


City of Ur aerial of model

April 27, 2007

Ur Chasdim is the city Avram was born and where Nimrod rules his kingdom from.  The palace dominates the skyline.  This is a partially textured model.


Character Design: Pichech

April 27, 2007

Pichech is one of our favorite characters and steals the show when she comes into Haran’s idol shop to buy a new idol.  She also happens to be one of Avram’s only converts when he is 13. Designed by Pascal Colpron.


Palace exterior model

April 27, 2007

Some images of the palace model untextured and textured.  A large part of the story takes place on the porch at the palace entrance.


Boards: Nimrod demands Terakh to give up his son

April 27, 2007

Selection of boards by the director. This is a sequence that takes place the night Terakh’s son Avram is born. As Terakh is making an offering of thanks to the city fertility god, he’s approached by Nimrod’s guards and escorted to the throne room. Nimrod demands Terakh to hand over his son for the sake of the kingdom. Togarma, a servant girl, has followed them and sneak onto an upper balcony to observe the proceedings.