Animated scene of Stargazer & Togarma

We are releasing a peak at one of our scenes in it’s raw animation stage. What you will see is the animation applied to the basic models without textures and lighting. That will come much later in the production process.

This scene comes very early in the story, and takes place right outside of Terakh and Amaslai’s house the night Avram is born. Terakh is walking off down the street to make an offering to the city fertility idol. Stargazer has been spying on them, being directed by the shining star over the house. He has discovered that Avram is a cursed child. Togarma, the servant girl, is leaving the house with her child, and she surprises Stargazer and confronts him for sneaking around. This was beautifully animated by Pascal Grenier, our lead animator.

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2 Comments on “Animated scene of Stargazer & Togarma”

  1. ty Says:

    this is exciting. I hope they don’t take the Biblle story though and make it fit Hollywood. It would be a perversion to do so,. The Bible is fascinating and exciting itself, just as it is. Great animation. i am looking forward to seeing it in theaters.

  2. […] can see the previous post of this scene rendered before it was lit and before textures were applied to the characters and […]

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