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June 5, 2007

Pichech is one of my favorite characters. She and Haran have one of the funniest scenes in the show when she comes to the idol shop to buy an idol from smooth talking Haran. Pichech is a wealthy, and vain, citizen of Ur, but becomes one of Avram’s few conversions from idolatry when he is 13. Pascal Colpron created an amazing design, and Sarah Zamic, has done a marvelous job of giving her a voice.





Nimrod Character Design

May 10, 2007

Nimrod was the baddest bad guy who ever lived.  The Midrash says Nimrod was either very diminutive in stature, or extremely large, like the giant Philistine who David killed with a stone.  We chose, for obvious reasons, to make him large and formidable in appearance.  The Midrash also tells of a legend that Nimrod had the animal skin cloak of Adam.  It had been handed down through generations and Nimrod swiped it.  It gave Nimrod special ability as an archer.  With the cloak on, he could hit anything that moved.

Above is the character design by Pascal Colpron.  Below is the costume design by Grigor Kuzmanov.

Haran & Nakhor Character Design

May 4, 2007

Avram’s two brothers are Haran and Nakhor.   They both run the family idol shop.  We played Haran as the smooth talking, business saavy salesman.  Nakhor is the one who does the hard labor of deliveries and idol installations.  These character designs are by Pascal Colpron. The costume design is by Grigor Kuzmanov.



Oni & Mardon

May 2, 2007

Nimrod’s two sons hold significant positions as palace guards, yet add comic relief to our story.  Here are some of Pascal Colpron’s beautiful sketches and a render test of the fantastic modeling and texturing done by the Big Bang team.




Stargazer, a character progression from sketch to finish

April 27, 2007

This post will show the evolution of a character from it’s birth as a sketch to it’s completion a finished model on a lit set.

Stargazer was originally the design we now have for Utz. Pascal Colpron made a series of sketches of miscellaneous background characters and I feel in love with this circled sketch who became Stargazer.


Pascal elaborated on the sketch until we arrived at the approved design. He then scaled it and made a proportional guide for the modeler for this.


Our spectacular colorist and matte painter, Grigor Kuzmanov, created a color pallete for the costume.


Pascal then took the costume concept sketch and defined it in greater detail for the texture artists.


Once the mesh is modeled in 3D, and approved, the mesh goes to the texture artists who put the details on the model.


Finally the model is placed in a set and lit alongside other characters.


Character Design: Pichech

April 27, 2007

Pichech is one of our favorite characters and steals the show when she comes into Haran’s idol shop to buy a new idol.  She also happens to be one of Avram’s only converts when he is 13. Designed by Pascal Colpron.