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Lighting Ur at Night

June 5, 2007

Grigor and the team have been working hard at adjusting textures to work with the lighting. The night shots are challenging because of the subtlety involved in night lighting. Certain textures do not react well under all lighting conditions, so there is some back and forth testing involved.

Here are some lighting sketches by Grigor.



Here is an aerial image of Ur. Click the image to see the larger version.



Terakh’s house & birth room

May 3, 2007

As a wealthy merchant and leading military figure in Nimrod’s kingdom, Terakh has a big house by Ur standards. Below is a sketch of the exterior structure by Pascal Colpron, and the finished model with texture.




The first time we enter Terakh’s house we are in the birth room right after Avram is born. The design of this room is meant to be comfortable, warm, wealthy, and to reflect the culture’s dependence on idols. Below is an interior sketch by Grigor Kuzmanov of the room in color and lighting.


The next image shows the room modeled and textured with a basic light.


And finally we have a render with proper lighting.