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Abram meets Utz, a common idolator

August 14, 2007

Since it’s been awhile since we’ve made any updates, thought I’d introduce you to one of my favorite characters named Utz.  Utz represents the common idol worshiper in the city of Ur, and who introduces our young Abram to the foolishness of idol worship, while providing comic relief.

The clip is the raw animation without the textures and lighting applied.



May 4, 2007

From his birth until he was 13, Avram lived in the wilderness. These paintings are by Grigor Kuzmanov. This is a concept sketch of Avram’s cave.


Some distance from the cave, down in a small valley, is an oasis with a little pond. Many key moments in Avram’s life happen at the oasis.


Avram meets Utz, a self-styled, idolatrous wise man, who has hidden his ‘god of plenty’ in Avram’s oasis.


At first, Utz appears to be a wise man who knows a lot about the gods. Avram quickly realizes that Utz is nothing more than a clown who needs to be delivered from his idolatry.


Design by Pascal Colpron.