Clip 01 – Abram must flee from Ur

Posted August 28, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Abram, Amaslai, Video

A completed clip from the film. In this scene Abram returns home after God sends a fog to allow Abram to escape from Nimrod’s soldiers. Abram’s mother, Amaslai, tells Abram he must leave Ur to save his life.


A la Carte August 21

Posted August 21, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Palace Interior, Stills, Terakh’s house

Here’s some stills from the render farm.





Abram meets Utz, a common idolator

Posted August 14, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Abram, Animation, Oasis, Utz

Since it’s been awhile since we’ve made any updates, thought I’d introduce you to one of my favorite characters named Utz.  Utz represents the common idol worshiper in the city of Ur, and who introduces our young Abram to the foolishness of idol worship, while providing comic relief.

The clip is the raw animation without the textures and lighting applied.

Lighting Ur at Night

Posted June 5, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Lighting, Set Design, Ur Chasdim

Grigor and the team have been working hard at adjusting textures to work with the lighting. The night shots are challenging because of the subtlety involved in night lighting. Certain textures do not react well under all lighting conditions, so there is some back and forth testing involved.

Here are some lighting sketches by Grigor.



Here is an aerial image of Ur. Click the image to see the larger version.



Posted June 5, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Character Design, Model, Pichech

Pichech is one of my favorite characters. She and Haran have one of the funniest scenes in the show when she comes to the idol shop to buy an idol from smooth talking Haran. Pichech is a wealthy, and vain, citizen of Ur, but becomes one of Avram’s few conversions from idolatry when he is 13. Pascal Colpron created an amazing design, and Sarah Zamic, has done a marvelous job of giving her a voice.




Animated scene of Stargazer & Togarma

Posted May 10, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Animation, Stargazer, Togarma

We are releasing a peak at one of our scenes in it’s raw animation stage. What you will see is the animation applied to the basic models without textures and lighting. That will come much later in the production process.

This scene comes very early in the story, and takes place right outside of Terakh and Amaslai’s house the night Avram is born. Terakh is walking off down the street to make an offering to the city fertility idol. Stargazer has been spying on them, being directed by the shining star over the house. He has discovered that Avram is a cursed child. Togarma, the servant girl, is leaving the house with her child, and she surprises Stargazer and confronts him for sneaking around. This was beautifully animated by Pascal Grenier, our lead animator.

Nimrod Character Design

Posted May 10, 2007 by tshaffer
Categories: Character Design, Nimrod

Nimrod was the baddest bad guy who ever lived.  The Midrash says Nimrod was either very diminutive in stature, or extremely large, like the giant Philistine who David killed with a stone.  We chose, for obvious reasons, to make him large and formidable in appearance.  The Midrash also tells of a legend that Nimrod had the animal skin cloak of Adam.  It had been handed down through generations and Nimrod swiped it.  It gave Nimrod special ability as an archer.  With the cloak on, he could hit anything that moved.

Above is the character design by Pascal Colpron.  Below is the costume design by Grigor Kuzmanov.