The Story

On the night Abram (Abraham the patriarch) is born, King Nimrod’s chief stargazer witnesses a cosmological phenomenon in the night sky: one small star consumes 4 larger stars. The rays of this star shine down upon the house of the King’s General, Terakh (Terah), whose wife Amaslai has just given birth to a baby boy named Abram. The prophecy discerned from the astrologer warns that this child will go against the gods and Nimrod’s mighty kingdom. Nimrod demands Terakh hand over his son. Terakh agrees, but deceives Nimrod by giving him a baby boy born to a servant girl, while Amaslai flees with Abram to hide him in the wilderness.

Abram lives in the wilderness for 13 years and comes to believe in the one, true, Creator God. Knowing that his understanding is limited, Abram begins a journey to find a wise man who can teach him about God. So he returns to his family in Ur Chasdim, the seat of Nimrod’s kingdom.

Abram comes face to face with the foolishness of idolatry of Ur. As a 13-year-old, he does his best to combat idolatry, but finds himself in big trouble after destroying all the idols in his family’s idol shop. General Terakh hands his son over to the King’s soldiers for arrest and certain death. Yet God intervenes and Abram miraculously escapes the city unharmed.

Abram continues his search for a wise man who can teach him about God and finds the wise Noach (Noah) in the land of Canaan, who teaches him the ways of God. But Abram is not to remain in Canaan. The wickedness of the land cries out for God’s judgment as it did before the flood. Noach sends Abram back to Ur to challenge Nimrod and abolish idolatry before God’s patience is exhausted again.


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